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i'm george, 17 and i live in england, i like a lot of stuff and i say aw a lot and find a lot of things cute and i just kinda like what i like and once i wrote an essay about perfume giving me control of a legion of cats to a perfume store and as for my sexuality i don't even know what word to use i just kinda like what i like yo

holy shit, this is EXACTLY how i pictured the boot from roadside picnic to be


Cuddle weather? Fuck that. It’s hickey season. You can hide anything behind a large scarf.

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what’s this subculture of dismissive people that take pride in appearing soulless? throwing around words like slut, hoe, fuckboy and taking pride in being ‘superior’ to other people, acting negative and cold towards people? why is negativity celebrated in this way?

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Finding a typo in a book


i was reading roadside picnic yesterday and i noticed there was some wrong capitalisation and i frowned really hard for around a minute

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  • when people don't sit next to me on the bus: offended and relieved
  • when someone sits next to me: irritated yet flattered